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Patented...97.2% UV Facial Protection Solar Visor... Patented...97.2% UV Facial Protection Solar Visor...


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 Sovis® UV filtering sun visors.

Whether it's golf, tennis, fishing, or watching a ball game -- we all love to be outdoors. But the harmful effects of the sun can be a major obstacle to fully enjoying your time spent outside. The Sovis UV blocking sun visor is stylish, lightweight, very comfortable and with the adjustable polycarbonate blade, provides over UVB: 99% (290-320nm) / UVA2: 99% (320-340nm) / UVA1: 97% (340-400nm). The advanced technology of the polycarbonate film effectively blocks the sun’s UV rays; protecting your whole face from sunburn, freckles and other harmful effects from overexposure to sunlight.

Sovis offers five styles on their solar hats/caps/visors -- Over Sized, Extra Length, Full Size for optimal protection, Full Size with Scarf and Half-Size for kids.


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